We at Swechha believe that experience and action are key to learning and transformation.

NatureScapes is an innovative experiential travel-based program designed to provide

students with an unforgettable journey into the heart of India's diverse ecosystems. Our

program is meticulously crafted to offer young learners an exciting blend of adventure and

education, fostering a deep connection with the natural world and society. Through

immersive experiences, we aim to instill a sense of wonder, ecological awareness, and

cultural appreciation in the next generation. NatureScapes has been curated to ignite the

curiosity and passion for learning in young students. Every aspect of the experience is

carefully designed to ensure that students have a deep and meaningful engagement with

the themes of ecology, biodiversity, cultural heritage, and livelihoods.

Students not only get to witness the breathtaking beauty of India's natural landscapes but

also learn about the intricate web of life that exists within them. They discover the

importance of preserving these environments and the diverse species that call them home.

Additionally, NatureScapes provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with the

local communities they encounter during their journey. They gain insights into the way of

life, traditions, and challenges faced by these communities, fostering a sense of empathy

and cultural appreciation.

NatureScapes is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality by prioritizing sustainable

practices and offsetting any carbon emissions generated during the journey through

post-trip action projects that actively involve participants in the process





NatureScapes offers immersive adventure camps at various ecosystems across India. Each

location presents a unique opportunity for students to explore, learn, and grow. We have

varied options for these journeys:


1. Jim Corbett National Park: Nestled in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand, this

renowned national park is not just a natural wonder but also a living classroom for young

explorers. Students will have the unique opportunity to observe diverse wildlife, from

majestic tigers to elusive leopards, in their natural habitat. Guided safaris, nature walks, and

conservation talks will impart invaluable lessons about the delicate balance of ecosystems

and the importance of preserving these pristine environments. (Age 7-14)

2. Camp Ladakh: Ladakh, in India's northernmost region, offers students a unique blend of

stunning landscapes, rich Ladakhi culture, visits to ancient monasteries, and insights into

traditional practices. This educational adventure also highlights environmental challenges

and responsible tourism. It's a transformative exploration fostering cultural appreciation,

eco-consciousness, and a connection to the majestic Himalayas. (Age 14-17)


3. Ranthambore National Park: .A visit to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan promises

an exciting wildlife adventure. Students will explore rugged terrain, spot Bengal tigers, and

learn about conservation through guided safaris and photography. This exploration nurtures

a passion for nature and wildlife, fostering environmental awareness. (Age 10-14)

4. Sariska Tiger Reserve: Exploring Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan offers students an

enchanting adventure. In this natural paradise, they can embark on safaris to observe

magnificent tigers and other fascinating wildlife. Alongside guided expeditions,

opportunities for nature photography, and valuable insights into conservation efforts, this

journey nurtures a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife while encouraging

environmental consciousness. (Age 7- 14)


5. Turtle Nesting in Goa : Experiencing turtle nesting in Goa is a unique marine adventure.

Students will witness sea turtles laying eggs on the beaches, learn about their life cycle, and

join beach cleanup efforts to protect their habitats. It's an educational journey that fosters

marine awareness and conservation. (Age 14-17)

6. Pondicherry Camp: A unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the

vibrant world of coastal ecosystems and fishing communities. This coastal enclave is not just

about serene beaches but also a living classroom where students can engage with local

fishing communities and gain insights into their way of life. (Age 14-17)


7. Sunderbans: Explore the mystical mangrove forests and unique landscapes of this

UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students are engaged in wildlife tracking, bird watching, and

discussions on the coexistence of humans and wildlife in this captivating ecosystem. (Age



8. Jaisalmer Desert Safari: A Jaisalmer desert safari is an enriching adventure for students.

Amidst Rajasthan's golden desert, they'll partake in thrilling camel rides, explore desert

villages, and engage in meaningful interactions with local communities. This immersive

journey not only fosters cultural appreciation but also provides opportunities for

volunteering, making a positive impact on the communities and deepening their connection

to the enchanting desert landscapes of Jaisalmer. (Age 10-17)


9. Backwater Paradise Exploration, Kerala: Our backwaters camp in Kerala offers students

a serene and immersive experience. They'll explore tranquil backwaters on houseboats,

learn about local culture, and enjoy activities like canoeing and fishing. This adventure

fosters cultural appreciation and an environmental connection. (Age 14-17)

Key Activities:

● Nature Trails and Wildlife Spotting: Get up close with nature and observe wildlife in

their natural habitats.

● Cultural Immersion: Learn about the rich cultural heritage of local communities

through interactions, village visits, and cultural evenings.

● Conservation Education: Attend informative sessions led by experts to understand

the importance of preserving these ecosystems.

● Hands-On Learning :Participate in community-driven projects that benefit local

communities, such as farming experiences and mud hut building.

● Leave No Trace Ethics: Emphasize responsible camping, waste disposal, and ethical

wildlife viewing practices.

● Adventure and Exploration: Enjoy night treks, tractor rides, campfires, stargazing,

and nature sketching.

● Team Challenges and Games: Foster teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving

skills through fun and challenging activities.

NatureScapes Duration :Our Camps are somewhere between 2 nights to 4 nights,

depending on the location, budget and age of the participants.

Target Age Group: Age 7-Age 17







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"The village visit was the most memorable part of the journey. I got to know so much about the community! And realised living in the city we have so many stereotypes and incorrect beliefs. I enjoyed the community cooking session, when we all made puris!"


Modern School

"I will always remember the Shramdaan and never again take for granted the grains and vegetables I see on my dinner table. This experience was life-changing."


Modern School

"We understood how the local community engages in farming, and how protecting the forest, the land - is not an option for them, it's their whole life. We take green spaces in the city for granted ! I want to continue learning about farmers and farmer's rights when i go back to the city."


Green Fields School