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Swechha has been running Monsoon Wooding, the annual environment campaign for over a decade now. Youth, media, government and civil society have been actively engaged by us on issues of social and environmental development. Our green efforts range from waste upcycling and environmental fellowship programs to river clean-ups and creation of urban mini forests.
  • We created Delhi’s first urban mini forest at St Mary’s School, Dwarka in 2013. 
  • We planted Faridabad’s first Urban forest in 2014, once almost a barren land, now a lush green landscape. 
  • This was followed by the creation of Gurgaon’s first food forest and butterfly garden in 2015 with over 1500 saplings.
  • Today this site in Gurgaon is home to over 5000 saplings planted over 4 years, a dense green urban fruit forest in the heart of Gurgaon, that is now completely self-sustainable.
  • Swechha has also developed another self-sustainable urban forest of over 2500 saplings in Dhauj, with the support of the Indian School and The Foundation School.
  • In 2019, Swechha ran its biggest urban afforestation campaign till date, raising resources to plant and nurture over 7000 saplings across Delhi/NCR.

For the last 10 years, Swechha has also worked on developing and maintaining Delhi’s first model ‘Airshed’ – a community park in Rock View Apartments in Vasant Kunj. ‘Airshed’ has seen an increase in 90 percent green cover in last decade, and today serves as the lung for neighbourhood areas.

Not just the increase in the density of greens, it has also had a considerable impact on the ambient air quality of our neighbourhood, also by several estimates the ambient temperature would be at least 3-4 degrees less than the rest of Delhi.


Thats the power of citizenship, Thats the power of Monsoon Wooding and its volunteers who have played a major role directly and indirectly in making such a huge difference! 

This year, we intend to keep the same energy and vibrance of the campaign going. Monsoon Wooding has always been a volunteer driven campaign, piloted by the citizens of Delhi itself. So this #MonsoonWooding, we ask you to join hands and help us make Delhi breathe a little better. For this, we ask for a minimum contribution of Rs 500 per sapling which will be directed towards
  • Identification , planning and design of the sites of plantation
  • Procurement of the saplings. We only procure native trees that are suitable to Delhi’s climate.
  • Procurement of manure, mulch etc
  • Transportation of the saplings
  • Procurement and transportation of the equipment required to carry out the plantation
  • Pre plantation activities ( making the pits for the saplings to be planted- labour cost and equipment)
  • Volunteer mobilisation and engagement
  • Maintenance and evaluation
  • Advocacy initiatives to put pressure on the government to protect the existing green cover of Delhi and Gurgaon
This Monsoon, adopt a tree or two and make Delhi green! Every tree matters.

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Branch: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
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Branch: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
IFSC Code: UTIB0000206
MICR Code: 110211024­­­

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Q- Will my financial details remain secure if I donate online?
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A- Absolutely, you can avail tax benefits if you donate to us. You can get tax exemption under 80 G.
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A- We would certainly send you the certificate.
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