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Our annual volunteer driven ‘Monsoon Wooding’ campaign aims at greening Delhi and protecting its existing green cover. In the wake of the various “developmental” activities that a growing Delhi is seeing, its old green trees are being felled, even as 300 more cars are added to Delhi’s roads everyday. Monsoon Wooding is our only hope to breathe in this city- we Plant, Protect and Promote Trees during the monsoon months in Delhi. We plant approximately 5000 trees in Delhi each year and so far have planted and survived over 50000 trees in total. The campaign is mostly driven by crowdfunding.

FOCUS AREA – Protection and promotion of green spaces in the city, Urban Afforestation, community mobilisation for the environment, environmental responsibility

KEY ACTIVITIES – Community identification, green walks, awareness raising and cleanliness drives in communities across Delhi and NCR, sapling distribution and large scale plantation drives, institutional collaborations, creation of urban mini forests

TARGET GROUP- Communities with potential green spaces, school and college students, corporate houses

OUTREACH AND IMPACT – Swechha has planted, promoted and protected over 60,000 native trees across Delhi/NCR in the last decade. Each campaign year, we plant around 5000 trees, and engage over 1000 volunteers.

Each of these plantations have been carried out with the support of thousands of citizens of Delhi. Monsoon Wooding has also fostered long term collaborations and partnerships with prominent institutions and organisations such as PWC, S&P Global, KHD, IHS Markit, Indus Ind Bank to name a few.

In the years 2018 & 2019, we carried out our most successful campaigns till date and added over 12,000 native trees to Delhi/NCR’s green cover, engaging over 2000 young school students and volunteers from different institutions in the process.Each of our plantations have ensured a minimum survival rate of 80-90 percent

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We are always looking for young and enthusiastic minds that can help us create the change along with being the change. Whatever your passion, we always have opportunities for you along with endless cups of Chai!



We always wanted to contribute, didn’t know how. Swechha gave us a path; there were wasps around, mosquito bites, but we didn’t mind it. The cause kept us going..”

Utsav and Kritika

Monsoon Wooding Campaigners