Nature Club!

For all nature lovers,

A weekly Nature Club is being held in the beautiful Biodiversity Park (Airshed Park – B2, Vasant Kunj) of Swechha. All kids are welcome! This will be a time for your children to let off steam, play, learn and experiment with nature. Kids in big cities like Delhi don’t really get the chance to connect with Mother Earth. However, it is essential for our children to maintain this connection. It is well known that human beings who keep a deep link with nature are more in balance and fulfilled.

The aim of the Nature Club is to pass on this precious knowledge about nature and teach practical skills to children such as, growing vegetable, planting, building insect hotel through fun- filled games and out of the box activities.

Session (7 years old to 14 years old): 5pm to 7pm

Faciliators :
Jeanne Verlet & Estelle Fillaud are two nature lovers from France who are volunteering for a 8 months period with Swechha and Edible Routes (organic farm). We develop programs for kids according to alternative school methods, aiming to understand and nourish the special needs of kids in order to help them being autonomous, confident, creative and happy children!

Responsible : Estelle Fillaud
[email protected]