Chintan in partnership with Swechha announced the launch of “Hawa Light Kar”- Clean Air for All, Forever!, a challenge to reduce and prevent exposure to air pollution in Delhi, in November 2022. We sought creative, low cost and community driven projects that could be implemented in Kusumpur Pahari, an urban slum community in Vasant Vihar, Delhi and Bhalswa, an urban settlement in Jahangirpur, Delhi. The chronic marginalization of the areas reduces opportunities for them to access adequate healthcare, information about air pollution and the capacity to shift to other occupations. Especially the women of this area are afflicted with the effects of air pollution, not just outdoor sources but also the indoor sources such as chulha, poor ventilation and lack of access to clean cooking fuels. We are presently working with 5 shortlisted individuals and organisations that have designed research and advocacy based projects, as well as innovative ideas focused on creative solutions to address the severe air pollution crisis in these areas .These projects are currently being carried out in Bhalswa by the selected awardees, and primarily focus on the following themes:-

i) Technical corrective and preventative measures

ii) Knowledge Dissemination and Advocacy

iii) Infrastructure (technical and realistic solutions)

iv) Lifestyle change measures (specifically indoor solutions)