Lets Build An Insect Hotel!

Have you ever thought that insects also need a house ? We at Swechha, opened our first Insect hotel at our upcycled remakery space, hoping to welcome a large community of insects.This minuscule world is essential to our ecosystem and some are really in danger like bees (Delhi lost 80% of its bee population).. It is very necessary to give back their space to the insects !

Why build an insect hotel? It is a great place where plenty of insects meet. This diversity is really beneficial and re-establishes the ecological balance of the place. In cold climates, an insect hotel is a hibernation place for insects. In the summer it is a nesting place. An ecosystem works as a closed cycle where all elements are interdependent such as insects and plants. Insects feed on plants and pollinate them at the same time. Everyone appreciates to see a blossoming garden. But this would not happen without those little creatures.

8 young and enthusiastic volunteers got together on a sunny Saturday morning to build a three storey multi compartmental insect hotel for our butterfly garden and community of insects including wasps, bees, lacewings, silver moths, termites and a wide variety of butterflies, that reside within the Remakery!

Join us every month, for more such hands on and engaging experiences!

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