Monthly Mixer Vol. 5

In the month of June 2018, Swechha and Green The Map opened its ‘Remakery’ doors to the public as 40 young individuals came together to join us for our first ‘Monthly Mixer’.

Our Remakery space is part of Indias first ever first upcycled office, home to a beautiful butterfly garden, upcycled working stations and carpentry space. Built and modelled by our team, the Remakery has been a thriving space for ‘open to all’ workshops on different themes including upcycling, urban gardening, vegetable farming etc. In addition to this, the space also plays host to our ‘Monthly Mixers’, where citizens of Delhi join us once every month for an engaging evening of DIY Workshops, film screenings, conversations and performances (theatre, music, visual arts)

This month (November 2018) we hosted 25 young citizens, who came together to talk about important social movements, the need for a citizen led action plan to tackle the current air quality situation in our city. We also curated an immersive sound and visual experience around the ‘Dead River’ Yamuna, and concluded the evening with some power packed performances!
A big thank you to Raoul.kerr for taking time out to share his story and his ‘Exhale’ campaign with us.
See you at the next Mixer!