Country With A Mask – A Townhall On Air Pollution


Swechha India and Let Me Breathe along with many other prominent citizen groups, organised a Townhall on Air Pollution this past Sunday (9th of December 2018) at the Constitution Club Of India

Here are some highlights and glimpses from the packed evening. A full house, a vocal audience and an evening that focussed on having a public and engaging dialogue and discussion around the present public health emergency that our city and our country faces, how we can act, create effective policies and bring about a sense of responsibility and accountability within ourselves and expect the same from our governments.

Featuring activists, researchers and politicians including Jyoti Pande, Vijay Dhasmana, Dr. Arvind Kumar, Manju Menon, Raghav Chadha and Raman Malik.

We thank you all for being present at the Townhall, and hope that our respective governments address this health emergency on an urgent and immediate basis through concrete steps. The citizens of Delhi also demand that this issue is addressed at the winter session in Parliament.