Urban Gardening – Grow Your Own Food Workshops

Swechha has bee conducting monthly workshops on ‘Urban Gardening’ and how to grow your own food in confined spaces (balconies, terraces etc). These workshops focus on designing of an ideal terrace garden space, the different species that one could use and where they could be placed, different options of waste items that could be utilised as upcycled containers, how to maintain the garden space effectively, and how to strike a balance between different types of species including edible plants, butterfly attracting species and air purification plants, in order to create the perfect garden.

Each participant from the workshop goes home with a customised and personalised upcycled crate farm which is one of the many upcycled planter options available on greenthemap.com

If you would like to be a part of such workshops, write in to us at [email protected] and get on our mailing list.

Our latest collection of upcycled planters (crate farms and drum farms) are now available on Green The Map. You can get one for your balcony and terrace by placing your order with us,here –