Me to We – Job Exposure Camp

The Me to We program organized another educative and thought provoking Job exposure Camp just for girls and women this time!

Inside a little room in the Jagdamba camp community yesterday, 35 girls and women in the age group of 16-35 years showed up with much enthusiasm! “We want to do something” -was their motto. The event was graced by three most women empowering organizations in Delhi- AZAD FOUNDATION , Even Cargo, and MasterG . Each organization presented heartwarming examples of girls and women making a successful career as drivers, delivery associates, team leaders, head tailors (mastergi) that were so far categorized as men’s jobs. Girls who have successfully taken up this less traveled route are showcasing the emergence of nontraditional jobs for women. The participants asked many relevant questions and showed an interest to take a step towards learning something new and be financially independent. Most of these participants have already taken the first step by registering for an exposure visit to these wonderful training centers. We hope that they are able to turn the table and stand as champions of change for their community! As we always say “girls can”!