Learning Community 2019 – Survey Mapping

After an eventful launch of Learning Community Delhi Year 2 in November 2018, girls from each partner organisation came together this Friday to take the next steps ahead!

Fifteen girl leaders from all the five partner organisations Swechha India, Feminist Approach to Technology, The YP Foundation, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group and JOSH along with their respective mentors met at the Swechha India centre and discussed further on the topics of safety, restrictions and mobility highlighting the problems faced by the girls on these three grounds. Finally after group work activities, brainstorming sessions and group presentations, some significant questions were posed which will be made a part of a large scale survey to be designed and conducted by the power packed group of 50 girls from the Learning Community Delhi Year 2 in their respective communities in Delhi in the coming days. In collaboration with EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation Ltd the results from this survey will further be used for advocacy at a larger scale.

We are really excited to see what the girls find out about the issues faced by the girls in their communities!

More power to these girls!

Stay tuned to know the survey results in March!