Kanchi Kohli works on environment, forest and biodiversity governance in India. Her work explores the links between law, industrialization and environment justice. Her research interests also include the implementation of biodiversity regulations in India. She is presently a Senior Researcher at Centre for Policy Research. Kanchi regularly teaches at universities and law schools in India on subjects related to biodiversity, environment and community development. Burning Questions: A broad landscape understanding of laws around environment and sustainability in India, a brief historical and philosophical perspective. Whats interesting or exciting about Indian environmental laws? How do you see India’s environment in last few decades, is it getting better or worse and why? Where do laws stand in ensuring we have upgraded or degraded vs-a-vis environment in last several decades. Is it law, the execution on the ground, role of judiciary and executive, or all. Is there something missing in our basic understanding of law and governance for envy , in India. Law and Governance, both, seem or sound very non-common, as in heavy for commoners to understand or indulge in. How do we simplify it. You have done some phenomenal work in explaining law on the ground and engaging citizens around certain violations of the environmental laws, by the State as well as other stake holders. How has been your experience and if you have certain learnings to share. Should our bureaucrats and politicians be forced to take mandatory courses on law and governance vis-a-vis environment, as most often we have seen them as biggest violators on the ground. Whats the future of environmental laws in India, especially in the light of EIA draft 2020.