.’Vermi-composting simply put, is the process of converting kitchen scraps, leftover greens, dried leaves, paper, or any other form of organic waste, into extremely beneficial fertiliser for the soil, using earthworms. Earth-worms are central to a healthy soil network, and can help create the most beneficial compost in the form of worm castings and vermi-compost. Here’s our step by step DIY Masterclass tutorial on how you can bring in worms to work their magic in your very own backyard, simply by designing your very own worm bin/ tower. Enrich your soil further with these additions to your garden, and promote healthy growth of your greens. It’s easy to do, extremely inexpensive, and also makes the most of your kitchen scraps, & leftover greens! Yes, by practising these methods you can also take your first few steps towards leading that ‘zero-waste’ lifestyle’, you’ve always dreamt of, but didn’t know how to achieve! In this short video we have demonstrated the making of 3 different kinds of vermi-composting units, that you too can develop in your backyards and/or terrace gardens. We have developed these over time, at our farm school in Alwar, an hour away from Gurgaon. Swechha Farm School/Stay is designed as a Learning Centre – hub for ecological design innovation and incubation, sustainable agriculture, environmental practices, life-skills and personality enhancement programs.The purpose of the Farm is to unleash human creativity and develop solidarity in our world, for planet and its people to thrive peacefully and equitably. We aim at inspiring action and catalyzing communities for a regenerative and sustainable world, one with low impact and high quality lifestyles.