Vimlendu Jha in conversation with Mr. Manoj Mishra

We are super excited to finally launch our ‘Green The Map’ podcast series in partnership with U.S. Embassy India and American Center New Delhi. This monthly podcast series aims at highlighting issues related to climate change, sustainability, and building a more resilient community. To ‘reimagine and rebuild our world’, through ‘relevant and practical’ solutions that meet real needs of the people (individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities). Our first expert is Mr. Manoj Mishra, from Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan, in conversation with our founder Vimlendu Jha. Mr. Mishra is a retired forest officer who serves as the convener of the Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan, formed in 2007. This endeavour was developed as a result of growing levels of ignorance and increasing encroachment of the floodplains of river Yamuna. Since then, the YJA has served as an advocacy based campaign, pioneering efforts to revive River Yamuna, protecting and preserving its floodbanks. Over the past decade, The YJA along with Mr. Mishra have actively worked on providing trainings, workshops, seminars, as well as on developing volumes of research studies on river Yamuna, to further their cause. Listen in to Mr. Manoj Mishra, in conversation with Vimlendu, to learn more about building a roadmap toward a clean Yamuna