Learning to grow with Swechha

India is one of the most populous countries of the world with a significantly vast proportion of youth between the age group of 18-25 citizens. Unemployment and lack of opportunities are only a part of the crisis faced by millions of young people in this country, fighting to acquire a share of the resources. For several decades, while the corporate sector was booming with talented aspirants, social enterprises and non-profits were struggling to make an impact and attract attention. It is only now that we have come to realise the centrality of such organisations in tackling contemporary challenges at all levels. Interning at Swechha was one of the best learning experiences I could possibly have and it has indeed made a powerful influence on my opinions and choices.

During my 4-week long internship at Swechha, I learned about numerous concepts, ideas, processes and procedures. The multiple visits I made to Jagdamba Camp, the slum community Swechha works with, and the many occasions where I interacted with the families and children from the community, gave me an opportunity to closely associate with the people of the community and understand the difficulties faced by them at each level. It not only aroused empathy and compassion but was also a motivating force, inspiring me to work towards making life better for these people in whatsoever way possible.

Along with strengthening my comprehension and writing abilities, I could also enhance my communication and management skills. I learned about several underlying aspects of the functioning of an organisation and what role each individual member plays in the efficient working of any social enterprise. It also allowed me to introspect into my own desires and abilities and how I could more successfully plan and achieve my goals, both professionally and personally. It was my first ever experience at working in an office set-up and I extremely enjoyed my term because of the flexible and relaxed atmosphere, immensely welcoming and friendly colleagues and heads and of course the unconventional and creative office space.

It was an exceedingly delightful experience for me, where I not only learned many new things and developed certain skills, but also had a wonderful time meeting new people. I am tremendously grateful to Swechha and its team for allowing me this opportunity and I sincerely hope to stay associated and work with Swechha in future.



– By Shristi Mayank (Intern)