Learning Community Final Event 2019

The Learning Community Year 2 gloriously ended with the Final Event! The event took place at the Vishwa Yuva Kendra. It was a day of celebration as a total of 52 girl leaders from five different organizations- Swechha India, The YP Foundation, Feminist Approach to Technology, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group and Josh successfully graduated from the Learning Community this year.
It was an emotional day filled with happiness, laughter and tears as the girls were felicitated by their parents and their mentors in the presence of their friends and family. A total of 130 people attended the event. Girls and the mentors from the different organizations took the stage to express their journey in LC through the mediums of theatre, role play, dance, film, and art. The most interesting part of the day was the Panel Discussion between the parents and the girls where they discussed the different changes they have observed in the girls after joining the Learning Community. All the activities were jointly conducted by the girls of different organizations. The team of Project Managers and Directors from the five partner organizations and EMpower also addressed the crowd. The event showcased a video sharing the LC journey. And finally, all the girls and mentors of the Learning Community were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and gifts for their commendable work from Nov 2018-Oct 2019.
The event was a success and we were able to celebrate all the hard work that was undertaken by the Learning Community this year. Congratulations and thank you to the team for their extensive hard work and dedication.
Cheers to girl power! These girls can indeed lead!
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