Greening Schools Program with Amazon India

Swechha has been working closely with Amazon India Pvt. Ltd as part of their CSR, in the development of green infrastructures across government schools in Delhi/NCR.

As part of the program, we are currently in the process of designing and developing 10 model green ecosystems across 10 schools in the national capital. These ecosystems, including upcycled butterfly gardens, herb gardens, shade gardens and mini urban forests serve the purpose of bringing biodiversity to schools. They also serve as a great tool for students to connect directly with nature and the soil.

In the last 6 months, Swechha has successfully set up 6 such beautiful infrastructures across 6 schools, with the support of over 600 young students and youth volunteers from across Delhi/NCR.

Each of these spaces are built completely out of waste and include the usage of old tyres, discarded tin cans, construction boots, plastic bottles, old wooden pallets etc, as up cycled planters within the infrastructural design.

They are not only serving as biodiversity hot spots within the schools, attracting a wide variety of bird and butterfly species, but are also inculcating a practice of sustainability within the school. The project also has a core focus on training and knowledge dissemination, sharing of resources on concepts of urban gardening, upcycling and sustainable design.

As of now, Swechha has created these spaces across the following schools :

  1. SDMC Pratibha Vidhyalaya, Defence Colony
  2. Sarvodaya Co-ed Vidhyalaya, Masjid Moth
  3. GBSSS, Dhaka village
  4. Sarvodaya Kanya Vidhyalaya, Keshavpuram
  5. MCD primary school, Karol Bagh
  6. Sarvodaya Kanya Vidhyalaya, Ashok Vihar