Gram Anubhav is a unique educational trip which takes high school students on a journey of exploration, reflection and action into rural India. It is an opportunity to experience and realize the other India. It allows students to explore the physical, social, economic and cultural aspects of an Indian village while integrating what they have learnt from textbooks and in classrooms. The rural exposure camp is packed with energisers, interesting activities, brainstorming sessions, interactions with the local communities, village visits and Shramdaan.
This year, over 175 high school students from Delhi and Bangalore are going to travel with us to Bodh Gaon, the rural campus of Bodh Shiksha Samiti in a tiny hamlet surrounded by the Aravali hills, not too far from the Sariska Tiger Reserve.
Gram Anubhavs are being organised on the following dates –
  • October 7th-October 10th, 2016 – Green Fields School, New Delhi
  • November 11th-November 14th, 2016 – Green Fields School, New Delhi
  • November 21st – November 25th, 2016- Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore
If you want your school students to be a part of this exciting programme, write to us now at [email protected]