Ever wondered how you could curate your very own plastic free house party? Ever wondered what to do with all that piling up waste in your homes? Did you know that almost everything in your home, from old cassettes to old clothes, from old toys to old books, could actually be repurposed and re-used in the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing way? If you’re trying to figure out how to make the most of all that piling up waste at home, or if repurposing and upcycling is your latest hobby, then this DIY masterclass is a must watch for you! Join us in conversation with Meenakshi Sharma, Founder at Use Me Works, as she takes us through her journey of setting up a social enterprise. ‘Use Me Works’ was set up in 2017 by Meenakshi, with a belief in sustainability that goes beyond just products. Its a social enterprise, run by a group of women who support each other in every possible manner and aim to make a change for a better life and healthy planet. Meenakshi also takes us through a step by step DIY tutorial on how you can design your very own in-house party banners, and dream catchers using waste fabrics and old clothes! We also get a glimpse into her beautiful, eye catching upcycling studio space in Chattarpur. A must visit for anyone interested in sustainable design!

Timestamps – 0:00​ Glimpse into the studio space 00:25​ Meenakshi’s personal journey in the space of upcycling 04:38​ Upcycling as a concept has been with us for generations 07:10​ DIY Tutorial – Upcycled Dream Catcher 12:46​ DIY Tutorial – Upcycled replacement for balloons 16:08​ DIY Tutorial Buntings/Banners 18:20​ Other interesting DIY upcycled decor ideas

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