Contribute towards India’s FIRST Community Native Nursery

We seek your support in building India’s First Community Native Nursery. Delhi needs more trees, especially native trees. In the last one decade, we have lost several thousands of our oldest trees, through various re-development projects. Delhi’s historic ridge, commonly referred to as ‘the lungs of the city’ is largely dominated by ‘Keekar’, a non native and invasive species.

Our immediate target is to build a native nursery, with at least 15,000 saplings and over 40-50 species. This would include native trees, subtrees, shrubs, medicinal plants and butterfly-attracting species added each year. In addition to this we are also developing a seed bank with several lakhs of native seeds. So far, with our own resources, we have managed to collect and plant close to 4000 seedlings and cuttings. This has been done through individual and collective mobilisation. We have also sourced seeds from local vendors. Our crowdfunded initiative is aimed at raising resources in building this nursery. This nursery will rest on three primary principles of restoration, education, and afforestation. 

The community nursery will help build our own internal capacity. It will also provide supporting infrastructure to others already working/interested in urban afforestation and ecological restoration. Help us build this nursery. Please contribute, amplify and spread the word as much as possible. Every Rupee matters! Learn more here

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