Learning Community Delhi Chapter – Journey Film

The Learning Community for Adolescent Girls in Delhi was formed to share resources and learning to create a larger platform to empower girls. The aim of this community is to make essential interventions for girls so that they become proactive in public life and develop leadership skills to directly address the barriers they face. 

The Delhi Chapter of the Learning Community was set up in 2017 with five grantee partners of Empower- Swechha, The YP Foundation, Chintan, Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT), Josh (Joint Operation for Social Help)- working together to form this community.

This network aims to enable the member organizations to initiate concerted efforts to increase the leadership and presence of adolescent girls within their communities. Moreover, it focuses on building the skills and capacities of the organizations while also empowering the girls to choose, design and implement impactful interventions. 

Adolescent Girls Learning Community Delhi Chapter completed its second year at the close of 2019. This year’s chapter saw the involvement of 55 girls from 5 communities and 5 organisations. All these girl leaders worked toward raising their voice on issues relating to their #safety #restriction and #mobility. An action packed chapter filled with community campaigns, awareness sessions, surveys and milestone events with large number of community members in attendance!

Presenting their journey film encompassing their learning curve and personal experiences.