Undeniably, one of the most adventurous and exhilarating Swechha Programs. As Yatris, we trace the journey of the ancient sacred river Yamuna from its origin at Yamunotri to Agra, over a 12 day journey. We study and learn the ways in which the river changes herself and the malicious ways in which we harm the river, with industrial waste, dams and religious refuse. The Yamuna Yatra lets the river tell her own story of people, places and correlations. The initiative seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and establishes the need for civic action amongst the Yatris towards the environment and the world that sustains us all. We have taken over 1500 youth leaders on this journey over the decade.


I loved every bit of Yatra…the food, people, Yamuna, villages, treks and the exercises. It’s something I’ll look back upon and cherish that I was one of the 60 selected to go on this life-changing experience

Sanah Rao

The yatra helped us learn a lot about the Yamuna and I really enjoyed the experience at Paonta Sahib. I also liked that we stayed in extremely different environments and got a chance to get out of our comfort zones and live without our facilities.

Participant from Vasant Valley School, 2013

If you want your students to be a part of this learning programme, write to us now at swechhaindia@gmail.com