School Green Infrastructure Projects

Swechha works with several schools each year in the setting up of green infrastructures across several campuses. These particular interventions are a crucial part of the ACTION component in our various school programs. Students get the opportunity to connect directly with the soil and work in a very hands on format, learning more about the benefits of building such infrastructures as well as the dire need for more green spaces within our city.
Here is a list of different green infrastructure projects that we work on –
Butterfly Garden – In this particular intervention, our team comprising of people knowledgeable about the topic, come and plant a butterfly garden for you at your school location. The process involves curating an experience for student participants, where they will get to learn and be involved in numerous aspects of the butterfly garden, ranging from topics like the different types of butterflies found in Delhi to what types of plants go in a butterfly garden and why.
Herb Garden – Herbs at large can be classified into two groups, namely: kitchen herbs and medicinal herbs. As the names suggest the two serve different purposes. Under this intervention we create a garden with any one of the two types or even a mix of both on your campus. While engaging students in planting of the garden, students are also guided on the functions they serve and the need and techniques for maintenance of the herbs. This sort of experiential technique of education imparts in the child a connect with the environment.
Urban forest – Forests are nature’s way to express its freedom. There is minimum requirement for human intervention after planted and close to no work after about 3 years, i.e. once they have become self sustained. The forest can contain native – fruit, flowering and medicinal trees. Our team of experts along with planting the forest, engage students in the plantation, answering questions and explaining different concepts related to the natural cycle of a forest.
If you want us to facilitate such a plantation in your school, college or organisation, write to us at /