Ride The Van

‘Ride the Van’ is a yearlong collaborative project between Swechha and National Geographic. The project seeks to build environmental stewardship through comprehensive engagement with young students across 22 private schools in Delhi/NCR. In 2019, Swechha engaged with 10 of its partner schools at multiple levels via workshops, eco trips and action projects on environmental themes such as Water Pollution, Waste Management and Sustainable Development.
Each of these modules follow our ‘Knowledge – Experience – Action’ approach and have a 5 stage engagement process. These modules involve various interactive learning techniques that engage students on issues of environment and citizenship, transacted using multiple learning tools including Audio-visuals, games, exposures, reflective sessions, self and institutional audits, individual / team exercises. Each of the three modules consist of 4 – 5 classroom sessions and workshops, 1 exposure trip and a school campaign/action project that is conducted with the entire school collectively.
If you want us to facilitate this program in your school, write to us at swechhaindia@gmail.com / ashim@swechha.in