ELC Bright Promise Award

In 2018, Swechha was awarded the ELC Bright Promise Award from one of our partner organisations – EMpower. The idea behind this awards program, funded by The Estée Lauder Companies Charitable Foundation, is to enable eligible EMpower grantee partners to directly engage adolescent girls to creatively design and pilot new ways to address barriers they face to receiving a high quality education.
To address this pertinent yet often neglected issue we provided solutions to help young girls continue with their higher education through a combination of the following:
1. Remedial Classes – Academic performance is very crucial in terms of their larger educational trajectory as well as helps them score better grades in their assessments. Providing these girls with requisite guidance, infrastructure, supplementary books, tutorials as well as teachers who make learning fun and interesting in the simplest yet most effective way to help them continue with their education and learning.
2. Campaigns – We design community campaigns where young girls plan and execute activities such as street plays, meetings with the community stakeholders, social media campaigns. This creates awareness in the community especially family members to send their daughters to schools and continue higher education.
3. Mentoring – Peer to peer learning is also a component of the campaign where constant mentorship is provided by girls from the community who are now pursuing their higher education (community ambassadors). These mentors act as role models for the younger girls in the community. A network based on sorority bond strengthens the capacity and capability of these young girls.
4. RTE support – Seasonal migration to their native villages is a common issue which is also reason behind their drop out. Through the award, we assist girls and their families with their admissions processes. Partnering with other organisations that work on RTE has helped us decrease the dropout rate of the girls and get them back to schools. Apart from this we already have an existing curriculum on sex education, communication, teamwork and emotional awareness which is being transacted with the girls during the year.