Eco Walks
While environmental issues are read about and discussed in classrooms or schools today, it is only a theoretical or text-book understanding that students develop. The students fail to establish their connection with the problem and hence with the solution. Swechha’s Eco walks take students out of their classrooms and bring them face-to-face with the problem. These half day excursions such as a Yamuna Walk or a landfill walk ensure that the children see themselves as an active part of our fast-changing social and environmental landscape.
The underlying focus of the Eco-Walks is to inculcate active citizenship and environmental stewardship amongst the children and youth.
Yamuna Walk, Landfill Walk, Development Walk and Exploring Swechha and Green the Map (India’s first upcycled office space), other environment related field trips such as Baoli and ridge walks
School and college Students, Corporate groups, Youth volunteer groups


It was very interesting to visit a place and see where and how my waste lands. And seeing something like this myself has brought about a change in the way I usually look at issues.

German School participant on Landfill visit

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