Cinegreen is a year-long collaborative project between Swechha and PVR Nest in association with American Express. The project seeks to build environmental stewardship through comprehensive engagement with young adolescents and educators across 70 schools in Delhi/NCR. In the year 2019, as a part of the Cinegreen program, Swechha hosted hands on workshops, film making sessions, engaging modules including eco and forest walks, learning journeys and green fellowships on issues such as Air Pollution, Water Conservation and Green Spaces to build civic responsibility and create environmental awareness among youth.
The broad objectives of the program aim at developing an understanding of Climate Change issues amongst young adolescents, educators, civil society leaders and facilitating a snowball effect subsequently targeting young enthusiasts. corporate and government institutions and local communities. Cinegreen also aims at establishing a relation between oneself, local action on climate change, and national/global development and environmental issues.
Creating green spaces including butterfly/herb gardens and urban forests through active involvement of young adults and adolescents to demonstrate alternative pathways to sustainable living, is another crucial element of the program.
The project also calls for young students to create a one-minute film shot through their mobile, on their local environmental issue. At the culmination of the program, a mega film festival will award the best film made by the students on the criterion of its content, technique and outreach, each having equal weightage. Impact is central to this festival and therefore dissemination of each film through different social media and digital platforms is an important component. The program will engage leading influencers from the world of films and public life to judge the festival as well as motivate the young to use mobile technology for social change.
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