Bridge the Gap
A 12-16 session module based on climate change, life skills and active citizenship. In last 10 years, the curriculum has been successfully implemented in some of the leading schools of Delhi like Sanskriti School, British School, Vasant Valley School, Modern Schools, Sriram Schools, German School and 8 NDMC schools reaching out to more than 30,000 students so far. The School Program in 8 government schools of Delhi have been Supported by Sri Ratan Tata Trust (2 NDMC schools in 2007-2008) and the Nokia Siemens Networks (12 NDMC schools in 2008-2011).


I saw where my waste goes and how that contributes to the global problem of waste. I liked that we visited places I would normally not have gone to like the landfill and Goonj. I am now trying to reduce my waste by thinking before I throw anything.

German School, 2013